Advanced financial management and risk management

Professional International Conference: – – Advanced Financial Management and Risk Management.

  • Understanding of international financial management processes.
    The acquisition of corporate restructuring skills.
    Understand how to take the strategic financing decisions.
    Accommodate the new securities and investment activities of banks issuing operations.
    The acquisition of the financial markets operations skills.
    The preparation of the capital budget.
    The number of feasibility studies.
    Knowledge capital management techniques Working Group (monetary and financial marketable securities, accounts receivable and credit, inventory, short-term funding.
    How to reconcile between risk and return.
    Accommodate the necessary skills for analysis, planning and financial control.
    Absorbing nature of contemporary financial management.
    The goals of the conference: –
    The main axes of the conference: –
    Introduction to Financial Management
    Overview of Financial Management
    The current environment: markets, institutions, and interest rates, and taxes.
    Analysis and forecasting, planning, financial control ..
    Forecasting, planning, and financial control.
    The basic concepts in financial management.
    Risk and Ratios.
    Time value of money.
    Evaluation of stocks and bonds.
    Working capital management.
    Working capital policy.
    Cash management and securities marketable.
    Accounts receivable management.
    Short-term funding.
    Balancing capital.
    Capital budget methods.
    Cash flows of the project and the risk.
    Cost of capital, financial leverage, and dividend policy.
    The cost of capital.
    Capital structure and financial leverage.
    Dividend Policy.
    Strategic long-term funding decisions.
    Equities and investment banking operations.
    Long-term debt.
    Alternative financing arrangements and corporate restructuring.
    International financial management.
    Venue of the conference: – – Sharm el-Sheikh.
    The date of the conference: – 18.06.2017.

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