Consulting Corporate Finance

Geant company that provides high-level consulting services in the field of corporate finance Corporate Finance by providing consulting to enable customers from financing activities and activities related to the management of their money management. The services as a consultant in the field of corporate finance at:

Mergers & Acquisitions                           Private Placement                          IPO
Preparation of financial models            Project Financing                           Establishing companies

Why companies employ advisory services for corporate finance at Geant?
The advisory services in corporate finance Corporate Finance Advisory in many ways, including mergers and acquisitions, M & A consulting and operations of the initial public offering (IPO) through private subscription and the preparation of financial models to finance projects Financial Modeling and start-up companies. And then utilize our companies looking for financing using various tools to him.

Value-added advisory services to corporate finance at Geant
The added value of consulting services to the company Geant in corporate finance is the expertise in the study of available financing alternatives that can be implemented and aspiring business entities to obtain, either to carry out its operations or expand its operations.

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