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Preparation of the Strategic Plan
It has become imperative for the business entities (companies and institutions) in the era of globalization, rapidly changing to the strategic planning of capital and human resources process,
The planning process will be long-term (from 3-5 years).

Therefore helps companies Jian company to prepare strategic plans through the report includes answers to the following questions.

What products / services target ask?
What are the intended market?
What is the target quota obtained from the market? Is it enough compared to capital expenditures incurred by the entity management?
What is the appropriate organizational structure to accommodate this plan?
What are the human resources necessary to provide the service and production of the target product?
So, what is the benefit to be among the company’s strategic plan?

The strategic planning makes the overall objectives of the company are clear to all and thus:

From which departments or sectors of work plans
The overall objective, which governs all decisions be
Makes all employees performing their duties to achieve the goal included in the Strategic Plan
Why draw business entities Jian company when preparing strategic plans?
In light of the accumulated expertise of the team and databases of macroeconomic and microeconomic of the State of Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council, according to the sectors of activity, and therefore represent our services in this regard, added to their value, where we help them develop a strategy check what aspires to be the company’s growth and profitability plans.

Companies also help assessing the strategic plan in accordance with the methodology based on five key attributes SMART:

Specific S that the plan be clear and specific
Measurable M measurable
Applicable A viable
Realistic R realistic
Time Limited T according to specific time frame
And therefore involve our services in the strategic planning process to assist our clients in identifying short and long-term goals for their companies, and then determine the best methods to achieve them and updated if necessary in accordance with market data and structure activity

Feasibility studies.
Consulting evaluate companies.
The due diligence and financial examination.
The preparation of the action plan.
Financial restructuring and the preparation of the restoration plan of action.

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