Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies represent a step that precedes the start in the completion of a project to determine the chances of success or not, through the analysis of alternative solutions to a problem, and determine the best alternatives. Include economic feasibility that we prepared aspects of the studies, including:

1. The financial feasibility study
2. Technical Feasibility Study
3. The market feasibility study

This is in addition to the exposure to other aspects, including regulatory, legal and procedural feasibility of the project. And then help our clients from various business entities to assess the feasibility of investment opportunities for all sectors of the economy in relation to the following:

Egyptian program of operations interview – Offs
BOT and acquisitions, construction, operation and transfer of ownership BOOT
2. The construction, operation and transfer of property projects.
3. Studies of the expansion of business or exit from investments.
4. Studies submitted to government agencies, including the Public Authority for Industry and the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries.

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