Human Resources Consulting

Integrated human resource management system, Total Reward Management

It offers Geant Company – Egypt, outstanding services in the human resources consulting HR Consulting. When we offer our consulting services in human resource management to our customers, we consider human resources to any one of the important elements upon which this company to company it is able to achieve success, or vice versa, so-called name of “human capital.” With this in mind we offer “integrated human resource management system,” which includes a range of integrated services of consulting in human resources if their companies need to fully system or some of its provisions need to build on the work and the efficiency of the systems in place at the client.

We offer integrated services in the human resources consulting in Egypt for a wide range of government and private and charitable bodies, taking advantage of the power of our experts and international and regional alliances with HR professionals who have in-depth knowledge important in the work of companies with respect to human resources management and strategic and operational challenges faced by companies in various aspects various sectors and professions. So Geant offering a full range of the following consulting.

Corporate strategic goals
Organizational structures
Terms of reference guide units Organizational Structure
Matrix responsibilities and powers
Job analysis
Job Description
Job evaluation
Salaries and benefits systems
A market survey of salaries
Preparation of job performance appraisal systems
Development of policies and procedures manuals
A survey of job satisfaction for workers Studies

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