Project Management

Requires the implementation of major projects Advisory Studies at the present time, cooperation among a group of independent advisory bodies to achieve the results relate to the project under study.

Among the most prominent example of this is the necessity of cooperation between the range of advisory bodies in what is known under the name of “Advisory Committee” that belong to several disciplines, including accounting, financial and legal advice and consulting in addition to the technical disciplines in the aspects of engineering, traffic and geo-technical, environmental, and require that the Advisory Committee to the joint and collective action . At this point it requires a project manager or what is known in this area under the name of “principal adviser” to coordinate between the various vested with links to each member of the Advisory Committee so that it works as a point of contact makes them all work as if they belong to one and the same.

This is a coordination is crucial to monitor the following aspects:

Implement assigned to each point in the professional role of the Advisory Committee for the project by
Overcome obstacles and solve problems
Follow the main stages of the project in light of the schedule, and solving application problems
And enjoy Jian company in this regard expertise process as a principal adviser to the projects advisory start of stage recommend using the expertise of international bodies are expertise distinguished and reputable in the fields of specialization, leading to the appointment of these authorities and cooperation with all the required participation parties, relying on it to the efficiency of our consultants and the diversity of their experiences in Advisory project Management.

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