Advanced Human Resources Management

Workshop: – Advanced Human Resource Management.
Objectives of the workshop: – – To familiarize the participants with the environmental variables and global influence positively or negatively on the management and development of human resources and develop their skills in the development of strategies that will enable the organization to take advantage of this environment variables, as well as prevent and avoid the negative its effects.
The main axes of the workshop: – – knowledge and the concept and importance of human resources.
Analysis and characterization and recruitment of human resources.
Strategic planning and human resources.
Training methods, resources and human resources development.
Methods of recruitment and selection of professionals.
Wage policies.
The venue of the workshop: – – in Turkey – Sharm el Sheikh – Cairo.
Date of the workshop: – – 01.21.2017. And 26.02.2017.

Total Quality Management

Workshop: – – Total Quality Management.
Objectives of the workshop: – – supplying systems participants and the quality and modern methods for the preparation of specifications quality manual.
The main topics of the workshop: – – quality clarity.
The application of quality standards systems.
Mainline for TQM.
Quality and productivity.
Responsibilities of the application of the elements of quality systems.
Produce meaningful quality systems requirements elements.
Quality tools.
Modern methods for the preparation of a comprehensive quality manual.
Audit Faculty of comprehensive quality systems.
International experience in the application of total quality management.
Specifications required for the categories of college / ISO 9000 quality certificate.
The venue of the workshop: – Cairo – Turkey – Sharm el Sheikh – Malaysia.
Date of the workshop: – 2.12.2017 and 19.03.2017.

Integrated program strategy kaizen Japanese

Workshop: – – an integrated strategy for the Japanese kaizen program.
Objectives of the workshop: – – modern management requires action to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of all industry associations and service organizations through the use of latest technology and global methodologies that have proven health and the depth of its impact on the performance of the program has been designed to accommodate the Kaizen methodology Japanese for continuous improvement, the program aims to provide trainees / trainees from the various concepts and strategies of this methodology in order to acquire the skills and scientific knowledge and applied positively affect the overall productivity level of activities.
The main axes of the workshop: –
the first unit: –

Japanese methodology for continuous improvement – kaizen (kaizen).

The concept of continuous improvement methodology.
Optimization of the types of roads.
The concept of kaizen methodology.
Kaizen methodology and a canopy of diverse roles.
The benefits of the application of kaizen methodology.
Core components of the methodology.
Types of loss according to the methodology (Muda, Mura, Muri).
Sibai waste in kaizen methodology (7 waste).
Questions and surveys.
Second unit: –

Configured to apply the Kaizen methodology requirements.

Optimization tools in kaizen methodology – Planning, Pareto diagram, the fish outline structure, choice of paper
Change management as a crucial element in the success of the application.
The success of organizational change requirements.
Overcoming resistance to change skills.
Introduction to management skills and team building.
Steps significant improvement in the methodology (PDCA Goran TRIOLOGY, PSM).
Questions and exercises and applications.
Unit III: –

Comprehensive way to apply kaizen methodology.

How can you apply the Kaizen methodology.
The concept of operations targeted for improvement.
Types of operations targeted for improvement.
Determine priorities for improvement.
The formation of improvement teams and defining roles.
Application improvements.
Concepts of organizing the work environment.
The five pillars of the work environment of the Organization (5 s).
Questions and exercises and applications.
The venue of the workshop: – Cairo – Malaysia – Sharm el Sheikh – Turkey.
Date of the workshop: – 05.03.2017 and 05.07.2017.

Advanced public relations and excellence in listening and dialogue, and the attraction and conversational persuasion

International professional conference: – advanced public relations and excellence in listening and dialogue, attracting and compelling communications -.

Objectives of the Conference: – – Definition of recent trends in how publications public relations and Technological Development on the impact of the issuance of these publications.
The complementary relationship between the purchasing department and between departments in other organizations.
He drew the attention of the Supreme Administrative leaders towards this side and specialization that are at least as important as the other administrative aspects.
The role of the human element in the management of procurement and supply, and how that training, rehabilitation and development, including the development commensurate with the updates.
The use of modern technology and computers in Procurement and Supply.
Problems encountered by the Ministry of Supply and Procurement.
The foundations of planning and evaluation of the purchase, and buying and selling and buying methods how negotiations.
The conference also aims to shed light on the management of procurement in terms of: –
The main axes of the conference: –
The conference will also cover key topics and sub on the basis of: –
Purchase Management: –
Strategic planning for procurement activities in Arab organizations.
Procurement restrictions and problems and ways to deal with it.
Procurement management and its relationship to the overall quality systems.
Insurance and transfer of materials and methods of their financial implications.
Reconcile quality standards and procurement costs.
purchase management: –
License management in the field of procurement activities (and the tools and skills to negotiate strategies)
Specifications and requirements.
Material requirements planning.
And scheduling systems and applications.
Supply Management: –
Methods and means of modern storage.
Inventory control systems.
Coding and classification procedures.
Methods and procedures and types of securities.
Methods and procedures to address the stagnant stock.
Security system to provide safety.
System processes and material requirements planning.
The use of technology and modern techniques and materials in computer systems management.
Materials and supply chain management:

Purchase of materials and supply chain.
Elements and components supply system.
Display system activities.
Total quality management and material management:-

Quality and design costs.
Material Management Quality Management applications.
Distribution function of quality.
The impact on the management and quality materials trends.
Supply chain applications:-

Sample applications of the supply chain (Supply)
Requests for supply chain strategies.
The human element in two of the purchase and storage of Directors:-

Preparation and qualification of procurement staff and catering for upgradation.
Restructuring of the human element of buy two and storage.
Specifications / experiences / skills / abilities and competencies required.
Work in purchasing and supply performance measurement.
The venue of the conference: – – Cairo.
Date of the conference: – 03.25.2017.

Advanced financial management and risk management

Professional International Conference: – – Advanced Financial Management and Risk Management.

  • Understanding of international financial management processes.
    The acquisition of corporate restructuring skills.
    Understand how to take the strategic financing decisions.
    Accommodate the new securities and investment activities of banks issuing operations.
    The acquisition of the financial markets operations skills.
    The preparation of the capital budget.
    The number of feasibility studies.
    Knowledge capital management techniques Working Group (monetary and financial marketable securities, accounts receivable and credit, inventory, short-term funding.
    How to reconcile between risk and return.
    Accommodate the necessary skills for analysis, planning and financial control.
    Absorbing nature of contemporary financial management.
    The goals of the conference: –
    The main axes of the conference: –
    Introduction to Financial Management
    Overview of Financial Management
    The current environment: markets, institutions, and interest rates, and taxes.
    Analysis and forecasting, planning, financial control ..
    Forecasting, planning, and financial control.
    The basic concepts in financial management.
    Risk and Ratios.
    Time value of money.
    Evaluation of stocks and bonds.
    Working capital management.
    Working capital policy.
    Cash management and securities marketable.
    Accounts receivable management.
    Short-term funding.
    Balancing capital.
    Capital budget methods.
    Cash flows of the project and the risk.
    Cost of capital, financial leverage, and dividend policy.
    The cost of capital.
    Capital structure and financial leverage.
    Dividend Policy.
    Strategic long-term funding decisions.
    Equities and investment banking operations.
    Long-term debt.
    Alternative financing arrangements and corporate restructuring.
    International financial management.
    Venue of the conference: – – Sharm el-Sheikh.
    The date of the conference: – 18.06.2017.