Integrated program strategy kaizen Japanese

Workshop: – – an integrated strategy for the Japanese kaizen program.
Objectives of the workshop: – – modern management requires action to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of all industry associations and service organizations through the use of latest technology and global methodologies that have proven health and the depth of its impact on the performance of the program has been designed to accommodate the Kaizen methodology Japanese for continuous improvement, the program aims to provide trainees / trainees from the various concepts and strategies of this methodology in order to acquire the skills and scientific knowledge and applied positively affect the overall productivity level of activities.
The main axes of the workshop: –
the first unit: –

Japanese methodology for continuous improvement – kaizen (kaizen).

The concept of continuous improvement methodology.
Optimization of the types of roads.
The concept of kaizen methodology.
Kaizen methodology and a canopy of diverse roles.
The benefits of the application of kaizen methodology.
Core components of the methodology.
Types of loss according to the methodology (Muda, Mura, Muri).
Sibai waste in kaizen methodology (7 waste).
Questions and surveys.
Second unit: –

Configured to apply the Kaizen methodology requirements.

Optimization tools in kaizen methodology – Planning, Pareto diagram, the fish outline structure, choice of paper
Change management as a crucial element in the success of the application.
The success of organizational change requirements.
Overcoming resistance to change skills.
Introduction to management skills and team building.
Steps significant improvement in the methodology (PDCA Goran TRIOLOGY, PSM).
Questions and exercises and applications.
Unit III: –

Comprehensive way to apply kaizen methodology.

How can you apply the Kaizen methodology.
The concept of operations targeted for improvement.
Types of operations targeted for improvement.
Determine priorities for improvement.
The formation of improvement teams and defining roles.
Application improvements.
Concepts of organizing the work environment.
The five pillars of the work environment of the Organization (5 s).
Questions and exercises and applications.
The venue of the workshop: – Cairo – Malaysia – Sharm el Sheikh – Turkey.
Date of the workshop: – 05.03.2017 and 05.07.2017.

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